Protecting our Waterways in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition

Living in Jackson,  it can be easy to take for granted the immense natural beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis-from the towering Tetons raising above our valley floor to the seemingly pristine waterways that meander through our collection of small towns. We all have a role to play to help maintain and increase the vitality of our surrounding rivers and streams. Through various initiatives, the Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition is working towards protecting and improving the water quality in Teton County.

Looking to do your part? Check out the following two initiatives below and learn how you can protect waters that flow through your property and get involved in restoration of the Flat Creek watershed.


Purpose: To protect the health of the Upper Snake River watershed and the clean water its trout and wildlife depend upon through small changes that every homeowner can partake in (outlined below).

What you can do: Get certified! Through the Trout Friendly Lawns Certification Program, you can fulfill a four step process that will not only aid in the preservation of our waterways but also, gives you a chance to win from over $1,500 worth of prizes (and everyone loves prizes!).

  1. LIMIT FERTILIZER AMOUNTS – instead of blanket covering of your lawn with fertilizers, learn what is the most effective for your type of vegetation and use sparingly; overspray does more harm than good for your plants and ends up running off into surrounding waterways. Organic is best and slow-release organic is even better! 
  2. BE WATER-WISE – many unknowingly over-water, causing runoff and the leaching of nitrogen from the soil before entering the groundwater.
  3. PLANT NATIVES AND MAINTAIN STREAMSIDE BUFFER – Native plants are conditioned to grow in our local environment, which means they need less tending, watering, and fertilizer! Need help knowing what is native to our area? Contact TCWP, we are happy to offer suggestions.
  4. USE HERBICIDES AND PESTICIDES APPROPRIATELY – let us help you! Utilization of the correct types and amounts of herbicides/pesticides is a main goal of Teton County Weed & Pest. We are here to complete assessments of your property and help you navigate the world of invasive species (contact TCWP).

Flat Creek Watershed Management Plan

Purpose: To restore water and habitat quality in the Flat Creek watershed by reducing contaminant loads, enhancing aquatic habitat, and generally improve fishery and recreational potential.


  1. WATER QUALITY GOAL– Restore water quality in Flat Creek to meet the state’s designated uses for the waterbody.
  2. RIPARIAN HABITAT GOAL – Protect and restore riparian habitat (banks of the river) along Flat Creek and its tributaries.
  3. AQUATIC HABITAT GOAL – Improve aquatic habitat in Flat Creek to maintain native trout populations.

What you can do: Currently, the Flat Creek Watershed Management Plan is under review to re-prioritize practices and policies to continue to protect and correct Flat Creek. Have a suggestion or want to be a part of the process? Head to JH Water Coalition website to see status updates and submit your input.