Protecting our ecosystems & human health through invasive species and vector-borne disease management in Teton County, WY.

At Teton County Weed & Pest, we envision a healthy, balanced ecosystem being sustained by an empowered, educated community cooperating for responsible stewardship.


Get expert consultations for the management of invasive plants.

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Invasive Plant Identification

Submit a specimen or a photo for identification, and learn how to identify invasive plants.

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Report invasive plant infestations, biting mosquitoes, dead birds, and more.

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At Teton County Weed & Pest, we provide a variety of services for residents, landowners, and land managers aimed at promoting prevention, early detection, and treatment of declared or designated invasive plants and pests in Teton County, Wyoming.

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At Teton County Weed & Pest, we provide a range of programs aimed at promoting prevention, early detection, and treatment of declared or designated noxious weeds and pest in Teton County, Wyoming.

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Community Outreach & Education

Our community outreach and education programs provide valuable resources and opportunities to learn about invasive species and vector-borne disease management, empowering you to make a difference in protecting our ecosystem - join us in our mission by getting involved today!

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Latest Blog Posts

2023 End of Year Report

Teton County Invasive Species met their match in 2023 with our committed team! All members of our team worked tirelessly in the field, on the Snake River, in the classroom, with community outreach programs, at your homes and properties, and coordinated with volunteers and partner organizations. That is a LOT of work! Enjoy highlights from our 2023 Year End Report and read the report in full from the download link above.

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Remember to Prepare Your Recreation Gear For Winter Storage

November ushers in a change of the seasons and limits the amount of outdoor recreation we can participate in. Summer days are long gone and the ski resorts are not quite open. In this waiting season, you can still support the effort to prevent the spread of invasive species! Did you know properly cleaning and storing your summer recreation equipment for winter storage will have a lasting effect long-term? Preventative care now can reduce the spread of any dormant seeds and invasive species from being introduced to Teton County trails and waterways in the future.

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October is Firewood Month!

October is Firewood Month! Did you know every person who uses the Bridger-Teton National Forest plays a vital role in protecting the forest land we all love? Enjoying a campfire at the conclusion of a day’s activities could bring some unintended consequences. Invasive and destructive pests can be transported inside of firewood that is brought in from out of the area.

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It’s Not Too Late For Perennial Treatments!

The temperatures are dropping, the aspens are turning yellow, and it seems like summer flew by in the blink of an eye. How is it almost October already?!If you think it’s too late in the season to effectively spray your weeds, think again! It’s still a great time to spray perennial plants and see results next spring.

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