We utilize scientific, environmentally-sensitive, and data-driven methods of mosquito management for the protection of human health and our ecosystem.

Resident Resources

Learn about District mosquito services and practical information to limit mosquito breeding around the ranch and home to help protect your community from mosquito-borne diseases.

Integrated Mosquito Management

Our integrated mosquito management program utilizes a comprehensive, environmentally sound approach to reduce the impact of adverse mosquito activity and mitigate the risk of mosquito-borne diseases in our community.

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Mosquito Biology

We utilize an in-depth knowledge of mosquito biology in our program for the targeted and effective management of mosquitoes.

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Vector-Borne Diseases

Learn about vector-borne diseases in Wyoming such as West Nile virus.

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Mosquito Services

Adult Surveillance & Virus Testing

Request surveillance (trapping) of mosquito adults on your property. If vector species are found, they will be tested for viruses.

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Mosquito Habitat Inspection

Request an inspection of your property to determine if any standing water is serving as mosquito breeding habitat.

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Mosquito Text Alerts

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Text Mosquito22
To 307-284-4949

Current Adulticiding Information:

There are no ULV adulticide treatments scheduled at this time

Mosquito Data & Statistics

Wyoming WNV Reporting Data

View the current and historical state WNV data reported to the Wyoming Department of Health.

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Adult Mosquito Trap Data

View the mosquito trap data we've collected from our extensive surveillance program.

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Mosquito Breeding Habitat Data

Learn more about the amount and type of mosquitoes breeding in the different habitats in Teton County.

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Mosquito Reporting

Report Standing Water

Help us identify locations with standing water that may be breeding mosquitoes.


Report Biting Mosquitoes

Report adverse or higher than normal mosquito biting activity to the District to help us locate areas of peak mosquito abundance.


Report Dead Bird

Report dead birds that meet our requirements to be tested for West Nile virus.