Programs & Services

Landowner Permission Form

Submit your landowner permission form.

Cost Share Enrollment

Submit your enrollment form for the 2023 Invasive Plant Cost-Share Reimbursement Program.

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Find out more about volunteer opportunities with TCWP and the Jackson Hole Weed Management Association.

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Applied Research

Discover how TCWP utilizes data and conducts research in the field.

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Service Requests

Mosquito Services

Adult Surveillance & Virus Testing

Request surveillance (trapping) of mosquito adults on your property. If vector species are found, they will be tested for viruses.

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Mosquito Habitat Inspection

Request an inspection of your property to determine if any standing water is serving as mosquito breeding habitat.

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Mosquito Text Alerts

Sign-Up For Mosquito Text Alerts.

Text Mosquito22
To 307-284-4949

Current Adulticiding Information:

There are no ULV adulticide treatments scheduled at this time

Invasive Plant Services

Invasive Plant Consultation

Request a free in-person site visit with TCWP Staff to create a personalized invasive plant management plan for your property.

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Invasive Plant Identification

Submit a specimen or a photo for identification, and learn how to identify invasive plants.

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Order Herbicide

Skip the wait and order herbicides for pick up.

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Backpack Sprayer Rental

Request a free loan of a backpack sprayer for one week.

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Hay Certification

Request a Weed Free Forage inspection.

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Biological Control Agents

Request a biocontrol agent inspection or release.

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Other Services

School Programs

View the different curriculums available and request an education program for your classroom.

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Community Presentation

Request a presentation on invasive plants, mosquitoes, or vector-borne disease management for your HOA, community group, or business.

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Boat Inspection

Request an Aquatic Invasive Species inspection for your watercraft.

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Report Something

Biting Mosquitoes

Report adverse or higher than normal mosquito biting activity to the District to help us locate areas of peak mosquito abundance.

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Dead Bird

Report a dead bird that meets our criteria to be tested for West Nile virus.

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Invasive Plant Infestation

Report infestations of invasive plants on private or public land.

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Standing Water

Let us know about standing water that could be serving as mosquito breeding habitat.

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