Best Practices While Planning Your Wyoming Garden


Planning Your Native Wyoming Landscape

As the snowpack starts to melt and the patches of grass become more visible in your yard, it’s hard to not be excited to spend some quality time making your yard even more beautiful with gardening and landscaping with different flowers, shrubs, and trees. Gardening in the Greater Teton area can prove to be an endless and an uphill battle. A late frost can crash all your efforts to get the best after hours of handiwork. To best support you in all the efforts you make, we’ve come up with the best practices while planning your Wyoming garden.

Reduce the Spread

One of the most effective ways to ensure you’re being a responsible steward of the land you have access to is to be mindful of the local invasive species. The best way to prevent the spread of invasive species is to:

  • Remove invasive plants with gloves, at the root when you come across them and properly dispose of them in a waste bag that will go to the local landfill
  • Before and after any gardening activity, be sure you are using clean gardening gloves, shoes, and tools and that all dirt has been kicked off before restarting any activity to prevent plant diseases and spreading any worm castings from the soil.
  • Avoid sharing plants and perennials with other gardeners, as these could have worm castings with invasive species that could affect the soil.

Find Wyoming Native Plants

To mitigate the loss of plants that have a hard time making it into this ecosystem is to plant native species that are hardy enough to withstand the harsh conditions throughout the year. The Teton County Conservation District has provided a list of all plants that are native and appropriate to be planted in the area at the following link.

  • Pay attention to what’s “native” to Wyoming, those not local to the area may not thrive or worse suffer based on the extreme temperatures here.
  • Utilize local nurseries that sell regional and native plants, both starters and seeds. Don’t hestitate to ask questions.

We hope you enjoy the spring sunshine that is on its way and your time gardening in a way that’s most beneficial for our local ecosystem!

Governor Mark Gordon has declared April WYOMING NATIVE PLANT MONTH. Read the proclamation!