Mikenna Smith


Hired in April 2018. Mikenna has a Master of Science in Entomology from the University of Florida, a Master of Science in Agricultural Sciences from Hohenheim University in Germany, and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Biology from Westminster College in Utah. Prior to joining TCWP, she worked as a research assistant at Hohenheim University. She is certified by the University of Florida as a mosquito identification specialist and certified by the state of Wyoming as a Commercial Pesticide Applicator. She is serving on the Wyoming Weed & Pest Council’s Biological Control Steering Committee as Treasurer, the NAISMA’s Classical Biocontrol Committee as a member, on the Entomological Society of America’s MUVE Communications Committee as Chair, and on the Wyoming Mosquito Management Association’s Board of Directors.

Core Programs

Integrated Vector Management Surveillance, Pesticide Resistance & Efficacy Monitoring, Lab Oversight, Biocontrol.