Land Development Regulations (LDR) Compliance

As of the August 7, 2018 update to the Teton County Land Development Regulations, all Grading Permit applications will require an Invasive Species Management Plan.

Who can create an Invasive Species Management Plan?

  • Teton County Weed & Pest
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Engineering / Architecture / Landscape Architecture Firm
  • Permit Applicant or Applicant’s Agent

Steps for Creating an Invasive Species Management Plan:

  1. Create an inventory of any listed species on the property.  The full list of Wyoming Designated and Teton County Declared can be downloaded below.  These lists are updated annually to reflect newly discovered invaders.  Use the North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA) Mapping Standards to appropriately inventory the property.
  2. Create a management plan for the species found during the inventory.  Management plans must provide integrated management strategies for individual species and include the following:
Pre-Construction Plan:
  • If construction begins prior to the growing season, known infestations will be addressed under the active construction phase.
  • If construction begins during the growing season, treat all known infestations at least two weeks prior to construction.
Active Construction Plan:
  • Clean all construction equipment prior to entering the site to prevent introducing invasive species.
  • Keep all areas outside of the construction zone under active management.
  • Routinely check and treat soil stockpiles for invasive species.
  • Minimize disturbance of areas infested with invasive species as possible.
Post Construction Plan:
  • Conduct revegetation immediately after construction is complete to prevent invasive species from establishing in disturbed areas.
  • Use dealers licensed by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture and Certified Weed Free seeds and planting materials.
  • Certified weed free straw, gravel, and soil are recommended.
  • Schedule a post-construction invasive species inventory with TCWP

Resources for Creating a Management Plan: