Teton County Weed & Pest District Overview


Since 1905, the State of Wyoming has had various laws mandating weed and pest control that culminated in the Wyoming Weed and Pest Act of 1973. This law established 23 Weed and Pest Districts, one in each county, and the Wyoming Weed and Pest Council. Since that time, the Teton County Weed and Pest District staff and Board of Directors have worked to prevent the introduction and spread of noxious and invasive weeds and pests in Teton County.


TCWP Mission:

We exist to protect, manage, and restore ecosystem integrity through comprehensive invasive species and vector-borne disease management for the benefit of ecological and human health.

TCWP Vision:

We envision a healthy, balanced ecosystem being sustained by an empowered, educated community cooperating for responsible stewardship.

Area Served:

Teton County, Wyoming

Teton County Weed and Pest Control District (TCWP) is a legally organized Weed and Pest District by Wyoming State Statutes (W.S. 11-5-101 through 119). Established by the Wyoming State Legislature in 1973, TCWP consists of a locally appointed government board charged with implementing and pursuing an effective program for the control of designated and declared weeds and pests.

Based on the premise that invasive species (plants, animals, and other organisms) that are never introduced will never need to be controlled, the District works to prevent the introduction of new, harmful species and vector-borne disease into the county, or the spread of these species into areas of the county they do not currently inhabit.

Programs are offered for the purpose of encouraging and implementing prevention, early detection and treatment of declared and designated noxious weeds and pests within Teton County, Wyoming.

The District recognizes and appreciates the important role that our partners, including private landowners, agencies, commercial businesses, and other stakeholders, play in implementing an effective program. Whenever suitable we will strive to work with our partners and support private businesses by referring residents to them for products, information, and services.

What is a Special District?

Weed and Pest Districts are of the 27 different types of special districts in Wyoming; other types of special districts in Wyoming include conservation districts, water and sewer districts, fire districts, hospital districts, and others. Some of these, like Weed and Pest Districts, are required by state statute while others are created through landowner petitions through the Board of County Commissioners or the State Board of Agriculture.

Special districts are governed by a Board of Directors. Most Special District Board members are elected, but Weed and Pest District Board members are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.

Special districts can collect funds in different ways. Some collect based on resource use, others collect per lot, and some collect a mill levy. Weed and Pest Districts may collect up to 1 mill. Weed and Pest Districts who have created an approved Special Management Program (W.S. 11-5-301) may collect up to 1 additional mill. There are no Special Management Programs in Teton County at this time.

Board of Directors

Board Members

John Becker, Chairman - Wilson District
Mary Cernicek, Vice-Chairman - Town of Jackson District
Kasey Mateosky, Treasurer - Hoback District
Lorin Wilson, Member - Alta District
Lucas Turner, Member - Moran District

Board Meetings

Regular Meetings of the Board of Directors are scheduled for noon on the 4th Tuesday of each month at the TCWP office (7575 S Highway 89) unless otherwise posted. Meetings are open to the public. Email office [at] tcweed.org for more information.

Approved Budgets