Meet our Team: Lesley Beckworth,  Landowner Program Coordinator


Q - Where did you go to school and did it help prepare you for your current work?

A – I studied Agricultural and Extension Education and Weed Science at Mississippi State University. While the species are entirely different in Teton County, the latter prepared me to adapt to invasive species management in any ecosystem, and the former prepared me to communicate scientific data with the public.

Q - Why did you start working at TCWP?

A – My first visits to Yellowstone and Grand Teton were with my family when I was in middle school. I fell in love with the region and knew I wanted to return. 

After studying Weed Science, I took my first job in Wyoming as the Assistant Supervisor for Big Horn County Weed and Pest where I got to know people from Weed and Pest Districts across the state. I was intrigued by the work TCWP was doing, and when a position opened, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of their team.

Q - What are your greatest successes and accomplishments at TCWP?

A – I think my greatest success is the relationships I have built with landowners and our partners. Seeing landowners and residents engage others makes me feel like we are truly helping educate the public about the benefits of invasive species management. 

Also, I love coordinating our partnership with Working Dogs for Conservation on the Snake River Project. The canine/handler teams have helped us find many new locations of perennial pepperweed and a few locations of saltcedar that could be highly detrimental to the Snake River system.

Q - What are the greatest challenges you’ve faced at TCWP?

A – Landowner turnover—especially since 2020. So many of our most vocal advocates have moved—it feels like we’re starting from scratch.

Q - Least favorite weed and why?

A – Oxeye daisy. It’s an attractive plant and it takes a lot of convincing to help people understand its negative impacts. It’s also difficult to remove because of its growth habit and seed viability.

Q - Favorite memory at TCWP?

A - Rafting with the TCWP staff and coming in dead last in our division at Pole Pedal Paddle. It was a great day!

Q - What are your hopes and dreams for Teton County in the future?

A - I hope we can all come together to create a community that cares for both its people and this unique place we call home.

Q - Hobbies?

A – In the summer, I love hiking, camping, and fishing with my family. In the winter, I enjoy cross country skiing and ice skating. I’m still learning how to downhill ski (did I mention that I’m from Mississippi?).

Q - What are you thankful for?

A - I'm thankful for the opportunities I've been offered. They've led me to the people and places that are most special to me.

Q - Who inspires you?

A - My daughter. She's fearless and curious and so smart. I want to make the world a better place for her.

Q - What do you hope to accomplish in the future at TCWP?

A - I hope to build on the work we've done, lessons we've learned, and partnerships we’ve built to help new waves of residents and visitors understand the importance of caring for our ecosystem.

If you’re a landowner, or simply a curious Teton County resident, feel free to get to know Lesley Beckworth—you’ll learn a lot and be inspired along the way.