2017 East Gros Ventre Cheatgrass Pilot Program

Cheatgrass Mitigation Pilot Program Overview

Teton County Weed & Pest District along with the Jackson Hole Weed Management
Association will conduct aerial spraying for one day in early fall 2017 to mitigate the
invasion of cheatgrass in a test area on East Gros Ventre Butte.

Cheatgrass is a highly invasive non-native annual grass that has an aggressive, quick
growing life cycle that gives it a competitive advantage over native vegetation. By
germinating in autumn, it out-competes native plants and perennial grasses for water
and nutrients and significantly diminishes the quality of wildlife habitat, especially critical
mule deer winter range. Cheatgrass dries early in the summer, making it a serious fire
risk potentially leading to more frequent and larger fires and further habitat loss. Today,
almost 10,000 acres in the county are infested with Cheatgrass and it’s spreading at an
alarming rate.

While several cheatgrass mitigation projects have been conducted via horseback in
Teton County, the steep slope and rough terrain on East Gros Ventre Butte make it
difficult and cost prohibitive to conduct ground mitigation. A limited herbicide application
by helicopter will be used in a trial area consisting of 360 acres.

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2017 Pilot Program Materials