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Q:What is certified weed free forage?

A: Hay, straw, or other forage product inspected and meeting the minimum requirements for weed free status as outlined by the North American Weed Free Forage Standards.

Q: Who should use weed free forage products?

A: Anyone who will be importing forage products into Teton County, Wyoming.
Anyone who will be using on or transporting forage through federal lands.
Anyone who uses forage products and wishes to reduce the risk of introducing invasive weeds onto their property.

Q:Where can I purchase weed free forage products?

A:Wyoming Weed Free Growers List
Wyoming Weed Free Dealers List
Idaho Weed Free Growers List
For more information please call our office at (307) 733-8419

Q:When should I use weed free forage?

A: Always!

Q:Why should I use weed free forage products?

A: Weed free forage ensures the product you are using is free of invasive weeds.
Invasive weeds costs billions of dollars every year to control.
Invasive weeds threaten natural and agricultural resources.
It is a good land stewardship practice.

Q:How do I know the forage I use is certified as North American  Weed Free Forage (NAWFF)?

A:One of three marking systems will accompany the product.
Bales will be tied with official NAWFF colored twine.
Or, an official NAWFF tag will be attached to each bale.
Or, an official NAWFF transit certificate will accompany the load from its origin to its final destination.