The Yellow Flowering Mess

LeafySpurge1Description: You are a Rangeland Manager for the United States Forest Service, your duties include monitoring several grazing allotments. The last couple of years you have noticed a perplexing situation on the “Best 40 Acres in the West” area. During the last 5 years the ‘West’ has gone from the best to a mess. Over that same five year span you have noticed that a yellow flowering plant has nearly overtaken the “Best 40 Acres in the West.” You have spent a week watching the cows and the wildlife on this allotment. The animals just won’t even try a bite of that yellow flower; in fact they almost appear to be afraid of it. So what is the deal with this plant?


Task: Research this yellow flowering plant.

  • Determine what it is
  • Describe its biology and any special characteristics
  • Decide if it needs to be controlled
  • What steps should be taken

-Create a PowerPoint presentation with 7-10 slides presenting your solutions.

Process: First you will have to identify the yellow flowers, and then explain why it is increasing and its impacts on your allotments. How might it have gotten to your land? Finally you’ll need to figure out if and why it needs to be controlled and how it will be done?

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