The Problem with the Pink Flowering Bush

SaltCedarVernal-033Description: You are a rancher, with an appreciation for bright colors! A few years back you noticed some hot pink flowers on a bush growing on your fishing and irrigation creek and you were thrilled with the added color on your property. Recently you have noticed more of this flowering bush on your creek and now it is moving into your irrigation ditches. Which is great for added color but, the problem is you have noticed that your creek is drying up, the fishing hasn’t been as good, and you have less irrigation water to grow your hay crop. As you scratch your head trying to figure out the problem, you wonder if this pink flowering bush is contributing to the problem.

Task: Research this pink flowering bush

  • figure out what this pink flowering bush is
  • describe its biology
  • decide if it needs to be controlled
  • what actions should be taken

-Create a PowerPoint presentation with 7-10 slides presenting your solutions.


First you will have to identify the pink flowering bush, and then explain why it is increasing and its impacts on your ranch. How might it have gotten to your land? Finally you’ll need to figure out if and why it needs to be controlled and how it will be controlled?

Salt-Cedar-is-Serious saltcedar3


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