The Mystery Hitchhiker

Description: You’re an avid hiker and you have a trusty partner in your hikes; your brown dog, Scotty. One day you were out hiking with Scotty on your favorite trail, the trail where you see lots of wildlife. About half way through the hike, you notice that Scotty is covered in small corn kernel-shaped burs. On the way back to your vehicle, you begin to notice high amounts of a purplish red flower. As you are tediously combing the burs out of Scotty’s hair and then disposing of them in the trash, you begin to wonder if that weird plant has something to do with your dog’s discomfort.


Task: Figure out what this purple to red flowering plant is.

  • Determine what it is
  • Describe its biology
  • Decide if it needs to be controlled
  • What steps can be taken

-Create a PowerPoint presentation with 7-10 slides presenting your solutions.

Process: First you will have to identify the purplish-red flowers. Then explain why it is increasing and its impacts on wildlife habitat. How might it have gotten to the trail area? Finally, you’ll need to figure out if and why it needs to be controlled and how it will be controlled?

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