The District offers a wide variety of programs for Teton County, Wyoming residents.  Individual programs may be subject to change and are dependent on funding levels and District Board approval.  Please contact us 307-733-8419 for assistance.

Contacts For Hire 2017

Services may include but are not limited to:

  • Herbicide Sales: 50% cost share available on select products for noxious weed control for Teton County, Wyoming residents; Commercial Applicators and Non-Teton County, Wyoming residents may purchase products at cost.


  • General Private Landowner Programs: TC, WY only
    • On Site Consultations – free of charge
    • Customized Weed Management Plans & Maps – free of charge


  • Mosquito Abatement Program: Parcels producing or harboring mosquito species may be offered free surveillance and control measures, given expressed landowner permission. The program incorporates larval, adult and disease surveillance, local and area-wide cultural, biorational and chemical control measures and education.


  • Education/Outreach Program: All programs, presentations and materials are provided by the District and are available to any group, organization or landowner. Programs include invasive species information, powerpoint presentations and various written materials.  Information is also available on our website. link to


  • Hay Certification Program: WY only
    • Field Inspections/Certification – Free of charge for the 1st inspection, additional requests for inspection may be subject to a fee.
    • NAISMA Certified Twine – 40% cost share; upon passing field inspection; not available for uncertified fields