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Herbicides, What to Use and What to Avoid

The Lowdown on Herbicides Always Read the Label Before Applying Herbicides There are currently 19 families of herbicides and thousands of different formulations and brand names available, which can make deciding which product to use seem daunting. To help streamline the process, TCWP only carries products that treat species listed on the State Designated and … Continue reading Herbicides, What to Use and What to Avoid

Mosiac - Teton County Weed & Pest Article

Tetons 2020 – Mosaic

2018’s Mosaic – The State of the Tetons Ecosystem Teton County Weed & Pest District’s Perspectives on Invasive Species, written by our own Mark Daluge & Erika Edmiston, featured in this year’s Mosaic highlights the health and maintenance needed to protect the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem from active and potential invasive species (read the complete article here) KEY … Continue reading Tetons 2020 – Mosaic