Emergency Declaration of New Invader to Teton County

The Teton County Weed and Pest District board voted for an emergency declaration of Austrian fieldcress during their board meeting on Tuesday, June 30. The emergency declaration will allow treatment of the invader during this growing season. The emergency declaration was approved by the Director of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture on July 1.

While prevention is the first line of defense, it is impossible to stop all invasive species. This is when Early Detection, Rapid Response (EDRR) plays a major role in the process of stopping the new invader. Early detection followed by quick control efforts greatly reduces long term impacts and increases the chance of complete eradication which is TCWP’s goal. “Eradication is the goal for all of our priority one noxious weeds therefore we have a full time staff member dedicated to this effort,” stated Erika Edmiston – TCWP Supervisor. “Stopping invasive species before they have a chance to become established is the most cost effective means of control”.

Austrian fieldcress was found north of town near the Snake River. Austrian fieldcress is a very competitive perennial mustard species that typically grows in wet areas. We are seeing spread primarily by seeds but they also reproduce vegetatively through creeping roots and detached root fragments. Flowers are in loose clusters at the tips of branches with 4 small yellow petals. The plant will grow up to 3 feet tall with alternate serrated leaves along the stems.

To learn more about local invasive species please call (307)733-8419.